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When you go to new town or city, one of the things you notice first are the houses and buildings. You notice right away if they are old or new. When you see a historic house, we are looking into the past. We observe architectural details that are rarely used today. For a moment, we share the space and environment of how generations before us lived. When passing the oldest house in Bridgeport which dates from the 17th century, strollers will usually stop and gaze. We observe how different the historic structures are from today. Preserving older houses and buildings add a certain charm and identity. To preserve the history and culture and prevent unregulated and insensitive changes, historic districts designations were create.

Black Rock was the first historic district created of today's 24 districts in the city. Historic districts are listed in the The National Register of Historic Places, a federal designation which was created in 1966 after a national report which stated that Americans suffer from "rootlessness" and therefore the report recommended historic preservation to help provide Americans with a sense of orientation. A historic district designates buildings as historically and architecturally significant. It is a way to protect a place’s history, culture and prevent unregulated and insensitive change.

Black Rock's historic districts were created by former city historian Charles Brilvitch in 1979. The area has a unique history dating from the earliest European settlers. The houses in the district include the third oldest in the state.

Wheeler House - third oldest house in Connecticut

The Black Rock National Register District is located near Black Rock Harbor in Bridgeport and is a surviving example of a residential district built around the industry of the harbor in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The area is significant as a demonstration of the growing development of Bridgeport as a commercial and industrial center from early Victorian shipbuilding.

The Black Rock Gardens Historic District was an apartment complex of 12 buildings facing 7 streets with courtyards at the centers. It was an example of the U.S. Housing Corporation’s efforts to build emergency living spaces for factory workers who were flocking to Bridgeport in the 1910s in order to work in defense related industries, in this case the employees of the Bullard Machine Tool Company. This period was a time of immense growth for Bridgeport as a commercial and industrial center in the United States.

Black Rock Historic Districts 2005 Aerial View

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